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Frequently Asked Question

Here are some of our FAQs

How does Local Ads work?

Local Ads make it easy for customers in your area to find and connect directly with your business, and filter results based on the services that you offer. When a customer selects your business, they can simply click your ad and connect with you either by phone or by sending you a direct message request (US only), which you can review on email. If a customer used your Local Ads ad to hire you and the job is complete, they are then encouraged to leave a review. These reviews are posted on your provider profile to encourage other potential customers to book your services with confidence.

How much does Local Ads cost?

You set your budget based on the number of leads you want. The exact cost of your ad is determined by your location and your industry.

Are we locked into a contract?

Absolutely not! We are not a basketball team singing Lebron James. We work you on a month to month basis cancel whenever you like.

How big is your consulting team?

Our team consists of 22 marketing professionals.

Do you have any kind of money-back guarantee?

Absolutely! You only pay for qualified leads. For example if you are a personal injury attorney and get a call for bankruptcy law you will not pay for that lead.